Most REcent Episode


Not only does everyone seem to be talking about "Toxic Masculinity," I seem to be receiving multiple emails about it every day.  Full disclosure, I have not being paying much attention to the discussion, for the reasons I go in to detail during the episode. I'm not a fan of the term, or any term that is overused and under defined. 

If I had to pick one leadership style that is the most impactful, I would choose mentorship.  It is how I was shepherded from being a young punk in the Teams to an individual capable of operating with little to no oversight in high risk, high consequence environments.  I have been asked to create episodes on mentorship for young men and women, and the more thought I have put in to it, to the more convinced I am that they are not the target audience, the parents are. 

I close with my EDC and some food for thought when it comes to choosing to carry a concealed weapon. 

Here is the link to the full audio and video from the radio call in the podcast opening (it is not me in the call):